I am thinking of using SAS and would like to know:

Is it possible to use ODBC to access a Teradata database in SAS?

I know that accessing MS Access using ODBC in SAS is possible, and accessing Teradata with Excel VBA using ODBC is possible, but I can not find anything for SAS with Teradata and ODBC.

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    check this link, might be useful for you. stackoverflow.com/questions/8237581/… – Kiran Mar 13 at 1:33
  • @Kiran +1 Thanks for the link, it looks like it can be done, not sure why I had not found it. – Peter Mar 13 at 1:45
  • You don't need odbc for this, use the libname expression: libname yoursource teradata server=&server database=&database user=&USER password=&PASS mode=teradata; – access_granted Mar 14 at 18:22

connecting to Teradata by connect statement can be done by connect statement as shown below.

  proc sql ;
  connect to teradata (server=server user=user pw=pw );
  create table work.emp as
  (select *
 from connection to teradata
 (select a.*,
  row_number()over(partition by deptno order by hiredate) as rn from
 prod_targetdb.customer_table a
disconnect from teradata;

looks like connect to ODBC will also work but looks like it has more limitations, like fastload capability and others, please look into the page 24 in the link given below


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