Is there anyway of using bootstrap to have a datetime keeper without using any javascript or jQuery? Bootstrap should have some sort of classes for that but I can't find them?

  • Bootstrap doesn't have a date picker component and even if there was one I'm pretty sure it would use javascript (E.G click detection) - google tell me to tell you to look here
    – Core972
    Mar 13, 2018 at 8:00

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Vanilla JS Datepicker

A vanilla JavaScript remake of bootstrap-datepicker for Bulma and other CSS frameworks

This package is written from scratch as ECMAScript modules/Sass stylesheets to reproduce similar usability to bootstrap-datepicker.

You can get rid of jQuery.


I don't think there's something working without Javascript. There's a native HTML5 input type date but lacks wide support ( link ). So you need to manage the fallback to text type input.

There are also Bootstrap plugins but they all requires some Javascript and jQuery.

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