I have set up a very simple stub of a Symfony 3.3 controller whose main action looks looks like this:

 * @Route("/pair-gallery/{id}")
public function indexAction(Int $id)
    $output = [];
    return new JsonResponse($output);

When I give it a string as an argument in the url (rather than an integer), I currently get a 500 error. That's not horrible, but it's not exactly what I want.

How do I tell Symfony to send back a 400 ("Bad Request") response code instead?


You can simply throw a exception that get automatically transformed to a HTTP 400 response:

throw new BadRequestHttpException('Message');

If you want to be specific about the thrown http error code (maybe you want to throw an obscure error code like 418) you can pass it as the third parameter:

throw new BadRequestHttpException('Message', null, 418);
  • Is there a good way to do this without throwing an exception (and thus triggering monolog)? In my project I currently throw the exception, but it results in an awful lot of errors in the log that I wouldn't really consider errors. – Rich Court Apr 1 '19 at 14:41

you can specify the return code like this:

return new JsonResponse($output, 400);

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