In my code, I used setHeader.

        .withPayload(new Person("messageA", 1))
        .setHeader("partitionKey", 345).build());

In the properties file I have added:

spring.cloud.stream.bindings.channel1.producer.partitionKeyExpression = 

But still, the PartitionKey is not 345 the partitionKey is some hash value 2133325211. Even I insert 2 messages with the same partitionKey's header, in Kinesis we get 2 different partition keys.

When I try

spring.cloud.stream.bindings.output.producer.partitionKeyExpression = payload.id

The partitionKey is always equal to partitionKey-0

My question:

How do I set the partition key to a specific value?


The problem that the current implementation relies on the built-in algorithm in the SCSt for the BinderHeaders.PARTITION_HEADER, which produce a partition number, which doesn't fit to the Kinesis nature how we should select the particular shard. Well, actually we don't select it at all. We provide some partition key value to let message to settle in the same shard by the hash from that value. Or we can provide an explicit hash to be sure that we go to the same shard. Essentially it is the same in the end - we end up with the shard by the hash.

To make it working for your payload.id use-case I suggest to take a look into the BinderHeaders.PARTITION_OVERRIDE header approach:

@GlobalChannelInterceptor(order = Integer.MIN_VALUE, patterns = Source.OUTPUT)
public ChannelInterceptor partitionOverrideInterceptor(BindingProperties bindingProperties,
        StandardEvaluationContext evaluationContext) {

    return new ChannelInterceptorAdapter() {

        public Message<?> preSend(Message<?> message, MessageChannel channel) {
            return MessageBuilder.fromMessage(message)
                                    .getValue(evaluationContext, message))


This way the scst_partition header will have exact value you would like to provide via your partitionKeyExpression and KinesisMessageHandler will have a proper value for target hashing in the PutRecordRequest.

See https://github.com/spring-cloud/spring-cloud-stream-binder-aws-kinesis/issues/52 for more info.

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