Consider the following Java code:

import java.util.LinkedList;
import java.util.List;

class Library {
    List<String> loans = new LinkedList<>();

    public List<String> searchUser(String name) {
        List<String> usersFound = new LinkedList<>();
        return loans;

and the following Rascal module:

module Mwe

import lang::java::flow::JavaToObjectFlow;
import lang::java::jdt::m3::AST;
import IO;

void m() {
    ast = createAstFromEclipseFile(|project://test/src/|, true);
    fp = createOFG({ast});

The resulting flow program will be:


So, there is a new assignment of LinkedList to usersFound, but nothing comparable for loans. Why would that happen? Is that the intended behaviour?

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Just checked the implementation, the field initializers are not included in the getStatements function (see lang::java::flow::JavaToObjectFlow on line 169). Similarly the static initializers of a class are ignored.

The best way forward would be to either report it as a bug, or fix it and turn it into a pull-request. (pull request is the quickest way to getting it fixed on unstable)

As a possible, yet work intensive workaround you rewrite the AST to put the field initializers inside all existing constructors (or add a constructor if there is none).

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