Strange stuff happening here, with TypeScript 2.7.2, in VSCode version 1.21 with @types/express and the code that follows, in some cases VSCode throws errors stating that "A namespace-style import cannot be called or constructed, and will cause a failure at runtime.". However on other machines with similar setups and similar tsconfig.json files the code just works.. What is happening here:

import { Bank } from './Bank';
import * as Express from 'express';  <== errors here..

let app: Express.Express;
this.app = Express();                <== and here

Why is this happening?



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    In addition to @fathyb's answer you will probably need to enable allowSyntheticDefaultImports in your tsconfig.json – Agustin Gabiola Jul 4 '18 at 21:41

The error should only happen with esModuleInterop: true. Maybe VSCode is ignoring your tsconfig.json or another one with esModuleInterop: true is used.

For a definitive fix set the compiler option esModuleInterop to true and use import express instead of import * as express.

The problem :

The ES6 specification defines the notion of "namespace object". A namespace object is namespaceObject in this statement : import * as namespaceObject from 'a-module'. The typeof this object is object, you are not supposed to be able to call it.

You were using import * as express until now because express is a CommonJS module, for Node.js, it is exported using module.exports. However it is illegal in the ES6 spec, and TypeScript now warns you.

The solution :

Setting esModuleInterop to true will make TypeScript wrap your import calls to check if the module is an ES6 module or a CommonJS. If it's a CommonJS module and you are using import default from 'module' TypeScript will find out and return the correct CommonJS module.

From the TypeScript release note :

Note: The new behavior is added under a flag to avoid unwarranted breaks to existing code bases. We highly recommend applying it both to new and existing projects. For existing projects, namespace imports (import * as express from "express"; express();) will need to be converted to default imports (import express from "express"; express();).

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    The line that helped me the most from the linked release notes was "Under the new --esModuleInterop flag, these callable CommonJS modules must be imported as default imports...", with an example of import express from "express". This of course fails if allowSyntheticDefaultImports isn't true, which basically means that flag is required to consume callable modules. – Coderer Sep 17 '18 at 11:29
  • Thanks for this. I've been getting these kinds of errors when using momentjs and your answer is exactly what I needed. – Mark Birbeck May 26 '20 at 16:47
  • Helped me solve issues with momentjs as well, I used import this way: import moment, { Moment } from 'moment'; – Patronaut May 11 at 17:51

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