I have defined the following function (taken from http://www.happylearnhaskelltutorial.com/1/shop_for_food_with_list.html#s9) on an emacs file:

firstOnesOrEmpty :: [String] -> String
firstOnesOrEmpty [] = ""
firstOnesOrEmpty [x] = x
firstOnesOrEmpty (x:y:_) = x ++ ", " ++ y

But when I load my file onto GHCi and write :t firstOnesOrEmpty into GHCi, I get the following error:

<interactive>:1:1: error: Variable not in scope: firstOnesOrEmpty 

What is going wrong?

I also have a similar problem with another function defined on my emacs file (again from the website above):

joinedWithCommas :: [String] -> String
joinedWithCommas []     = ""
joinedWithCommas [x]    = x
joinedWithCommas (x:xs) = x ++ ", " ++ joinedWithCommas xs

Trying to use this function in GHCi I get:

  "ghci>" joinedWithCommas [] 

  <interactive>:40:1: error:
  Variable not in scope: joinedWithCommas :: [a0] -> t
  "ghci>" joinedWithCommas [x] 

  <interactive>:41:1: error:
  Variable not in scope: joinedWithCommas :: [a0] -> t

  <interactive>:41:19: error: Variable not in scope: x
  "ghci>" joinedWithCommas ["x"] 

  <interactive>:42:1: error:
  Variable not in scope: joinedWithCommas :: [[Char]] -> t

I hope someone can help.

I have looked at previous answers to questions on this topic, and am unable to see how they provide answers to my question.

If someone could point me in the direction of a previous relevant answer and explain how that answer actually answers my question (which I repeat, is not clear to me), I would be extremely grateful.

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    I can't reproduce the error when loading the function from a file. How are you loading the file? – chepner Mar 13 at 14:45
  • By using :l experiment, where the emacs file is named experiment.hs – user65526 Mar 13 at 14:46
  • Which GHC version is it? Did you export the function? – Wisnu Adi Nurcahyo Mar 13 at 14:47
  • Unless you have a typo that doesn't appear in your question, I don't see how you could get that error. – chepner Mar 13 at 14:48
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    Version 8.2.2, WinGHCi. Also the file is experiment.hs~ I looked at the file's properties, and it is marked as HS~ File (.hs~). Perhaps it has to do with the type of file I saved? – user65526 Mar 13 at 14:50
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To type a multiline definition in GHCi, you need to enclose it in :{...:}

Prelude> :{
Prelude| joinedWithCommas :: [String] -> String
Prelude| joinedWithCommas []     = ""
Prelude| joinedWithCommas [x]    = x
Prelude| joinedWithCommas (x:xs) = x ++ ", " ++ joinedWithCommas xs
Prelude| :}
Prelude> joinedWithCommas []

Otherwise, each line is processed in isolation.

  • But I want to have the function defined in my emacs file and then load it onto GHCi. Do I have to enclose the function in :{...:} on my emacs file, in order to do this? – user65526 Mar 13 at 14:42
  • This explains the errors in the second half of your post. I can't reproduce the problem loading from a file; can you provide more information in the question about how you load it? – chepner Mar 13 at 14:47
  • By using :l experiment, where the emacs file is named experiment.hs~. – user65526 Mar 13 at 14:51
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    I discovered the problem. It was the status of the emacs file. I looked at the file and the emacs file did not have the Haskell logo on it, whereas another file did. I looked at the file's properties, and they were listed as HS~ File (.hs~) instead of Haskell Source File (.hs). Also, the file was listed as opening with "Windows Shell Common Dll" instead of with "GHCi" – user65526 Mar 13 at 14:56

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