I have a SAS libname defined like this: LIBNAME test ODBC DSN="test_odbC" schema=dbo; How do I find the actual database server ip and password and user and port?

  • If you're using a local version of SAS, check the ODBC settings in the control panels, assuming Windows. The set up will have the information in there. – Reeza Mar 13 at 14:51

If are working on a client server environment with Management Console, you have two ways to check, Note that all saved passwords in SAS are encrypted.

Option 1:

Open SAS Management Console, Right click on the library you want to check, and choose display libname.

Option 2:

If you can't see the connection details in the LIBNAME then:

  • In SAS Management Console check the Database connection details, and note the DATASRC name,

  • From Administrative tools open your ODBC Driver and check the matching Data Source,

  • You will be able to find the server name and user used to login. enter image description here

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