I have a table called "inventory", initialized like so:

inventory = {}

inventory[1] = { qty = 0 }

I want to add more data to this table, at the index 1, eg:

val = { id = "example" }

inventory[1] = inventory[1], val

Is there a way I can do this while preserving the data that is already in this table at this index?

The final result should be something like:

inventory[1] = { qty = 0, id = "example" }

But if I try to print the id after trying this code I get:

print(inventory[1].id) == Nil
inventory[1].id = "example"


inventory[1]["id"] = "example"


this other SO answer with first_table being inventory[1] and second_table being val.

FWIW, you'd need 2 variables on the left side of the expression for inventory[1] = inventory[1], val to work: a, b = x, y.

  • Thanks for the answer! Is there a way to do it without having to say specifically inventory[1].id? The data in val = { id = "example" } may not actually be called id, and may have more than one entry with different names! – Aaranihlus Mar 13 '18 at 17:01
  • That would be where the other SO answer comes in. That answer contains code to loop through the val table and apply key value pairs regardless of the key names. – J. Titus Mar 13 '18 at 17:32

You need to take the first key in the table and use it:

local inventory = {}
inventory[1] = { qty = 0 }
local val = { id = "example" }


local KeyName = next(val)

inventory[1][KeyName] = val[KeyName]

-- or 

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