The code I am using is as follows:

 ods html close;
    ods html;
    data petrol2;
    infile 'M:\Dissertation\Raw Data\split2forecast.csv' delimiter=',';
    input date $ price;
    proc arima data=petrol2;
    identify var=price(1);
    estimate p=2 q=1 method=ml;
    forecast lead=3;

I need to calculate the MSE and Bias from my time series but cannot figure out what to do, help greatly appreciated. Thanks

MSE can be calculated using PROC MODEL:

How to get MSE of ARIMA model in SAS?

MSE has a relationship with bias that you can calculate. MSE is exactly equal to:

MSE-Bias relationship

Using the output from PROC MODEL and the MSE-Bias relationship, you can calculate the bias of your estimators.

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