I want to add a button to existing Microsoft photos app or create an extension which adds some functionality to photos app.

The requirement is simple, I want to have a layover control (simply a button), upon pushing that button it'll give me the full path of the current opened image in the photos app.

It'll be great if I could further extend it to be only visible when it is over photos app otherwise, it won't show. But this is optional, for now just getting the path of the opened image will do.

  • Do you want to change in MS photo app? You can get file path from the ... (three dot menu) > file info (Alt + Enter) after opening an image. Is there any specific purpose of doing this ? I am not sure whether it is possible to put a control in already developed and released app. – Gaurang Dave Mar 14 at 3:49
  • @GaurangDave I need to have this path in my application, so I could perform some operation on that file like copying it to a different location or moving it or delete it. – MegaMind Mar 14 at 3:59

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