My application is a spring boot and angular 5 with angular as dependency added into spring boot app, Packaging is like

Backend Jar:

enter image description here

The angular app jar in in BackendJar\BOOT-INF\lib\angularapp.jar

The application loads the home page on load home(/) no problem here but here I have a scenario where I need to navigate to home (/) when some condition is met in controller, like below:

@RequestMapping(value="/",method = RequestMethod.GET)
public String getUser(HttpServletRequest request) {
   if(request.getHeader("USER")=="something") {
      return "home"; //return Home page
   } else {
      return "error"; //error page here

But spring throws a 404 when I try to navigate to home from controller like above. If I remove the @RequestMapping(value="/",method = RequestMethod.GET) it happily loads the home component.

What am I doing wrong here:

Do I need to give the exactly html name here or do I need to give the name in the router. {path: 'home', component: HomeComponent} or home.component.html


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