I have the following multi-module layout:

├── subProject library
└── subProject application

The library contains @ConfigurationProperties and has dependencies on the required stuff to generate the spring-configuration-metadata.json file. All of this works perfectely. The application has a dependency on the library and it can find the classes in there, autowiring with Spring works, … well, everything works.

However, IntelliJ does not pick up the spring-configuration-metadata.json file from the library and as a consequence does not recognize those options in the application.yml file of the application.

How can I make IntelliJ aware of additional spring-configuration-metadata.yml files that it should load?


This should work. Could you please create an issue here https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/IDEA and attach a minimal sample project as ZIP (you can set visibility to 'idea-developers' to make it private). Thanks.

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