At first, excuse me for my english level.

I'm trying to make a correlation beetween 2 xts objects. The objects are 2 argentinian stocks - BCBA:FRAN and BCBA:GGAL (tickers according to google finance).

I tried with quantmod

getSymbols("BCBA:FRAN", src="google") 
getSymbols("BCBA:GGAL", src="google") 

correlacion <- cbind(diff(log(Cl("BCBA:GGAL"))),diff(log(Cl("BCBA:FRAN")))) 

But that code results in:

Error in Cl("BCBA:GGAL") : subscript out of bounds: no column name containing "Close"

I think that i should rename the columnnames , but i don't know how could i make a correlation between 2 xts files

I hope you could help me.

You probably don't need to quote the names of the object. Look at the auto.assign option in getSymbols. To get the correlation try:

     cor(na.omit(merge(ROC(Cl(BCBA:FRAN)), ROC(Cl(BCBA:GGAL))))

Note the na.omit because cor doesn't like NAs and ROC will introduce at least one NA.

Thanks for your answer drenerbas, however i still have a error message. I tried with this code

data_from<- "2017-01-01"
getSymbols('BCBA:FRAN', src="google", from = data_from, auto.assign = FALSE )
getSymbols('BCBA:GGAL', src="google", from = data_from, auto.assign = FALSE )
cor(na.omit(merge(ROC(Cl('BCBA:FRAN')), ROC(Cl('BCBA:GGAL')))))

And this is the error message

Error in Cl("BCBA:FRAN") : subscript out of bounds: no column name containing "Close"

I've tried to use Colnames, but i can't solve the error.

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