Django v1.11

Postgresql v9.6

Currently, I use 2 Google CloudSQL databases, one for development and one for production. Whenever I make changes to my models, I run python migrate to update the tables in the development database. This migration does not affect the production database, however.

Now, whenever I git push changes to my Django project, TravisCI automatically runs tests and deploys the code to Google App Engine. Currently, it runs on GAE flexible environment (so I can use Python 3.5)

What I want to have is for Travis or GAE to automatically run python migrate on the production database before runserver. However, I can't figure out how to run custom commands during a deploy.

I've tried looking around GAE and Travis documentation and adding scripts to .travis.yml and app.yaml, but to no avail.

As of now, anytime there is a model change, I have to migrate the production database locally in a very hacky way. Ideally, GAE will migrate at the beginning of every deploy.

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