I have build an autoencoder which is trained using the Dataset API. The architecture is depicted on this tensorboard schema :

Autoencoder data flow diagram

I would like to reuse only the encoder part in an other learning task so I have attempted to freeze the graph using

g = tf.graph_util.convert_variables_to_constants(sess, sess.graph_def, ["AEC/encoded"])
g = tf.graph_util.extract_sub_graph(g, ["AEC/encoded"])
g = tf.graph_util.remove_training_nodes(g, protected_nodes=["AEC/input", "AEC/encoded"])
with open(str(Path(params.encoder_export_dir)/"encoder.pb"), "wb") as f:

and then trying to import it in my other code using

encoder_input = tf.placeholder(tf.float32, [None, 2049])
gd = tf.GraphDef()
with open('./path/to/encoder.pb', 'rb') as f:
[out] = tf.import_graph_def(gd,
                            input_map={"AEC/input" : encoder_input},

but when running the out tensor with feeding something in encoder_input I get None as result

I've tried to visualize the exported graph in tensorboard

Exported model dataflow diagram

and it seems that the shape of the tensors as disappeared.

So my question is how can I export my encoder in a way which allows me to use it as a "black box" in an other piece of code ?


I have implemented my model using placeholder instead of Dataset iterator get_next tensors and the lack of dimension stays the same except for the input node (corresponding to the placeholder) which stores its shape in its attributes.

Edit 2 :

Following the advice in this issue report I added the shape information when exporting my graph using

g = tf.get_default_graph().as_graph_def(add_shapes=True)

and now see the shape information on the tensorboard schema, but the computation still returns None

  • Have you been able to prune off the Dataset Iterator? – Zézouille Apr 23 '19 at 14:19

Finally the problem was due to a syntax mistake : instead of using

[out] = tf.import_graph_def(gd,
                        input_map={"AEC/input" : encoder_input},

where AEC/encoded in return_elements is an operation, the correct way is to ask tensorflow for the output of this operation with AEC/encoded:0

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