Building new API Gateway with spring cloud gateway. Currently experience following challenges.

Q1: Looking after functionality to group multiple filters together to form a filter chain and add the filter chain to a route. This avoids copy/paste of multiple filters every Route.

Q2: Looking after to apply to filter chain group to multiple URI's in the same route.

Q3: Is it possible to do route chaining and conditional route chaining in spring cloud gateway

Q4: How to do the Orchestration/aggregation of multiple service responses in spring cloud gateway.


I'm not sure if the following answers all your questions, but it sure answers some.

public RouteLocator routes(RouteLocatorBuilder routeBuilder) {
    return routeBuilder.routes()
                    route -> route
                            .filters(f -> f
                                    .rewritePath("/context/my-resources/of-some-type/(?<RID>.*)", "/my-resources-of-type-one/${RID}")
                                    .rewritePath("/context/my-resources/of-some-other-type/(?<RID>.*)", "/my-resources-of-type-two/${RID}")
                                    .hystrix(config -> config.setName("fallback name")))

In this example 3 filters are chained: the first and second filters map URLs and forward path variables to the downstream URLs, while the third filter defines a fallback strategy.

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