I am working on an Android/Firebase chat app that send images. After a gallery intent, I get the Uri in onActivityResult and assign it to a public Uri in the activity. My question is that how can I customize the RecyclerView adapter to show the image directly for the sender only without the need to wait the image to be uploaded to Firebase then retrieving it?

  • i think besides firebase you may use websockets to send data database and retrieve at receiving end..this is what i understood by your model – Faisal Naseer Mar 14 at 9:11
  • I thought it could be simply taking the Uri and set it with Picasso to the ImageView in the adapter but it does not show – Kurdo Mar 14 at 9:13
  • try this way stackoverflow.com/questions/23681177/… – Faisal Naseer Mar 14 at 9:18
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Try in the sender bind in your adapter to set the image with Picasso and with if statement: if(theUri != null)

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