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my document sample

schema name -> Doctor_Availabilty

"DoctorID" : "32c262a5-6ae7-427d-ba01-095d49e2e929",
"Start_Date" : ISODate("2018-03-19T18:30:00.000Z"),
"End_Date" : ISODate("2018-03-25T18:29:59.999Z")

I want to perform mongodb operation to check Whether Doctor is Available on somedate(Mar 24, 2018) for patient booking an appointment???

I have referred all mongodb operator but there is no operator for isBetween(like of momentjs) in mongodb.

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Using $lte, $gte and $and operators

  $and: [{
    Start_Date: {
      $lte: someDate,
  }, {    
    End_Date: {
      $gte: someDate,

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