Get different parts of two similar strings


1.String1="bjsqzctjjzxyxgs" String2="bjqzctjjxxzxyxgs" result:String[] s3 = {"s","xx"}
2.String1="bjssdwxxjsyxgs" String2="bjsdwxxjsyxgs" result:String[] s3 = {"s"}
3.String1="bjydcrwljskjyxgs" String2="bjydcrjswlkjyxgs" result:String[] s3 = {"wljs","jswl"}

for the example1,i make the string to the char array ,then i can get the String "sqzctjj" and "qzctjjxx",but i cant get the result like the example result {"s","xx"}.

I hope some friends can guide me out.


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    Please add more details to the question, on what conditions strings are splitted? What have you tried? etc. You need to create Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example – Aniket Sahrawat Mar 14 at 9:11
  • As far as i get the question you want to compare two strings and cut them down so that they are similiar, am i right? And Results shall be an array of the omitted characters – L.Spillner Mar 14 at 9:15
  • i want to get the different string from two similar strings inside. – lvxiaoce Mar 14 at 9:23
  • look the downstairs my answer – lvxiaoce Mar 14 at 9:36
public static Map<String,String> getPreviousStrAndLastStr(String shortCompanyName, String shortSelectCompanyName){

    char[] shortCompanyNameCharArray = (shortCompanyName).toCharArray();
    char[] shortSelectCompanyNameCharArray = shortSelectCompanyName.toCharArray();
    Map<String,String> map = new HashMap<String,String>();
    int cirNum = 0;
    int previousDifIndex = 0;
    int lastDifIndex = 0;
    String longSplitStr = "";
    String shortSplitStr = "";

        cirNum = shortSelectCompanyNameCharArray.length;
        longSplitStr = shortCompanyName;
        shortSplitStr = shortSelectCompanyName;
        cirNum = shortCompanyNameCharArray.length;
        longSplitStr = shortSelectCompanyName;
        shortSplitStr = shortCompanyName;
    for(int i=0;i<cirNum;i++){
        if (shortCompanyNameCharArray[i]!=shortSelectCompanyNameCharArray[i]){
            previousDifIndex = i;
    if(previousDifIndex != 0){
        for(int i=0;i<cirNum;i++){
            if (shortCompanyNameCharArray[shortCompanyNameCharArray.length-i-1]!=shortSelectCompanyNameCharArray[shortSelectCompanyNameCharArray.length-i-1]){
                lastDifIndex =shortSplitStr.length() - i;
                lastDifIndex = shortSplitStr.length() - i;;

    String previousStr = shortSplitStr.substring(0,previousDifIndex);
    String lastStr = shortSplitStr.substring(lastDifIndex,shortSplitStr.length());
    String diffStr1 = longSplitStr.replace(previousStr,"").replace(lastStr,"");
    String diffStr2 = shortSplitStr.replace(previousStr,"").replace(lastStr,"");
    return map;

input "bjydcrwljskjyxgs" and "bjqzctjjxxzxyxgs"

output {diffStr2=sqzctjj, previousStr=bj, diffStr1=qzctjjxx, lastDifIndex=9, lastStr=zxyxgs, previousDifIndex=2}

so i want to make the diffStr1="qzctjjxx"and the diffStr2="sqzctjj" how to be the String[] s3 = {"s","xx"}

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