I'm using angular 4 and a quill editor. but I get an error of quill Invalid Quill container. I change the name of the container but it still returns the error and cannot identify the container id. I create my quill object in ngOninit but it's not working! these are my codes:

import * as Quill from 'quill';
this.quill = new Quill('#editor-container', {
    modules: {
        toolbar: { container: '#toolbar-toolbar' }
    theme: 'snow'

and this is HTML file:

  <div class="toolbar border-none" id="toolbar-toolbar">
    <span class="ql-formats">
      <select class="ql-size">
        <option value="small"></option>
        <option selected=""></option>
        <option value="large"></option>
        <option value="huge"></option>
    <span class="ql-formats">
      <button class="ql-bold"></button>
      <button class="ql-italic"></button>
      <button class="ql-underline"></button>
      <button class="ql-strike"></button>
    <span class="ql-formats">
      <select class="ql-color"></select>
      <select class="ql-background"></select>
    <span class="ql-formats">
      <button class="ql-list" value="ordered"></button>
      <button class="ql-list" value="bullet"></button>
      <select class="ql-align">
        <option selected=""></option>
        <option value="center"></option>
        <option value="right"></option>
        <option value="justify"></option>
    <span class="ql-formats">
      <button class="ql-link"></button>
  <hr class="ma-0">
  <div class="border-none capital" id="editor-container" #content>
    <span class="font direct"></span>

Unfortunately I am not an Angular expert but I had exactly the same issue with Vue.js. The problem was that Quill was initiated before the DOM container element was properly rendered. If you can make it sure (use a later lifecycle hook or try to initiate the toolbar in the options, not in the markup), it should work.


Quill was called before DOM container is rendered. You can delay constructing Quill by using setTimeOut

var editorId = "some-id-name"
setTimeout( () =>
    var container = document.getElementById(editorId);
    var editor    = new Quill( container );
}, 3000 );   
// 3000 millisec is maybe too long but too make sure that the problem is from creating 
// Quill before DOM

There other people looking into this, in my case moving the logic to ngOnInit solved the problem. Or just check when trying to initialize quill to have the dom element rendered.

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