I have requirement where I have to add two class name in ngClass, one with condition and another one as normal.

Existing code

<th class="col-md-1" [ngClass]="{'hidden': !CheckBoxEnable}">

O/P html should be-

<th class="hidden col-md-1">

In the above code, I have to add "col-md-1" inside ngClass. How can I do this

Thanks, Arun

  • Why do you "have to" add the class inside ngClass? Your current code doesn't work? – ConnorsFan Mar 14 at 12:21
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you can add it with the condition true by default as below

<th class="col-md-1" [ngClass]="{'hidden': !CheckBoxEnable, 'col-md-1':true}">

Docs Reference

Try this

<th [ngClass]="{'hidden': !CheckBoxEnable, 'col-md-1':true}">

The output will be same as

<th class="hidden col-md-1">

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