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I have to write a regular expression to match phone numbers. A phone number can be in any one of the following forms:

(123) 456-7890
123 456 7890

I have to store the regular expression in a variable called re5.

The test cases I have to pass are here: link

I just need the re5 = "..." part, where I need the correct code for the ... part.

This is what I have so far..

re5 = "^(\\d{3}|\\(\\d{3}\\))([ ]?\\d{3}[-]|[ ]\\".

I don't know what is going wrong. Thanks!

Different that other answers due to test cases in link above.

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This passes all your tests:

^(?:\(\d{3}\)|\d{3})(?: |([-.])?)\d{3}(?(1)\1|[ -.]?)\d{4}$

Bear in mind that this uses PCRE-specific syntax, so you'll need to enable that using perl = TRUE

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