In my Shiny ui input, I have two networks that are assigned values. When the user selects New York, the network$id used in the server.R will change to 1, and when the user selects Los Angeles, the network$id will change to 2. This is the basic functionality of selectInput

  selectInput("networkid", "Network:",
              c("New York" =  1,
                "Los Angeles" =2))

If I wanted to store another variable(s) in input, how would I do this without creating another input? For example, if I wanted to store timezone, how would I design the input so that "New York" = "EST" , "Los Angeles" = "PST", and that this variable is called networktz ?

  • Within server, this might work: networktz <- reactive({ req(input$networkid); c("New York"="EST", "Los Angeles"="PST")[input$networkid]; }), referenced elsewhere as networktz(). Otherwise, you will need to update your question with a MWE. – r2evans Mar 14 at 15:21
  • You should clarify why you need this functionality. It looks to me you are trying to put some server logic and data structure to the UI side. Since each network already has an ID associated, your server can maintain a lookup list for other network properties. Everytime the input$networkid changes, the server will do the heavy lift to search for the timezone. – Keqiang Li Mar 14 at 19:21

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