Matching acronyms containing both lower and upper case letters (atleast one of more lower and capital case like reKHS) or capital case acronyms of length 3 or more (CASE, CAT) in R. Regex should match both reKHS and CASE. This regex takes care of the latter case (matching acronyms of length 3 or more) regex <- "\\b^[a-zA-Z]*${3,10}\\b";. Would need to find a way to combine this with the regex containing both lower and upper case.

  • why should CASE match when it doesn't even satisfy the condition of 1 or more lower case letters? – Gurman Mar 14 at 15:38
  • CASE is part of the second condition. capital case acronyms of length 3 or more (CASE, CAT) in R. Sorry that should be an or. Just corrected it! – sparkh2o Mar 14 at 15:39
  • 2
  • @sparkh2o I'm not sure how your regex works right now since ${3,10} is invalid, but @Gurman's regex is probably what you're looking for. – ctwheels Mar 14 at 15:45

A positive look-ahead or two should solve this


To explain:

Either contain a lower and upper case character somewhere 
have at least 3 upper case characters

You may use a TRE compliant pattern like

regex <- "\\b(?:[[:upper:]]{3,10}|(?:[[:lower:]]+[[:upper:]]|[[:upper:]][[:lower:]]*[[:upper:]])[[:alpha:]]*)\\b"

Or a PCRE regex (use with perl=TRUE in base R functions):

regex <- "\\b(?:\\p{Lu}{3,10}|(?:\\p{Ll}+\\p{Lu}|\\p{Lu}\\p{Ll}*\\p{Lu})\\p{L}*)\\b"

See the regex demo (and the PCRE regex demo).


  • \\b - a word boundary
  • (?: - either
    • [[:upper:]]{3,10} - 3 to 10 uppercase letters
  • | - or
    • (?: - either
      • [[:lower:]]+[[:upper:]] - 1 or more lowecase and 1 uppercase
    • | - or
      • [[:upper:]][[:lower:]]*[[:upper:]] - an uppercase, then 0+ lowercase and then an uppercase letter
    • ) - end of the grouping
    • [[:alpha:]]* - 0+ letters
  • ) - end of the alternation group
  • \\b - a word boundary.

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