I have the following structure in my python project:

¦- data
¦- notebooks
¦  \
¦   ***here are the jupyter notebooks***
¦   __init__.py
¦   analysis.ipynb
¦- src
¦  \
¦   ***here are further modules***
¦   __init__.py
¦   configuration.py

I would like to import class Config() from configuration.py into a jupyter notebook analysis.ipynb.

I tried:

from ..src.configuration import Config

but that gives me a ValueError:

ValueError: attempted relative import beyond top-level package

Can someone direct how to achieve this? I would prefer to work with relative paths rather than with changing PATH variables.

I feel there are some specifics about Jupyter that I am not aware of, e.g. it seems to be harder to refer to the current path.

  • Maybe it is because there is no init.py in your root folder, but not sure. Check it out – AlEmerich Mar 14 '18 at 15:53
  • referring to the work directory is indeed involved (not to say non-deterministic?) in jupyter, see discussion here. working with the sys.path variable is the best/only way I could recommend, and @oppy's answer works for me. – matanster Sep 1 '18 at 7:10

I saw that you said that you do not want to alter the path variables, but using sys to do this gives a solution:

import sys

from src.configuration import Config

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