Studying React right now. I am on the stage of Router and found some code in their documentation that I do not understand. (they use a lot of short-syntax operators and other stuff so it is hard to google or come up with idea what it is for).

So here is code:

const { from } = this.props.location.state || { from: { pathname: "/" } };
const { redirectToReferrer } = this.state;

While declaring "something" on the left it is inside of { }, why?


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for those who are really still confused about object destructuring, I can give an example:

suppose you have an object called car

const car = {
  type: 'van',
  model: 'honda',

then instead of making a repetition of calling some variables inside the car object like this:

const type = car.type;
const model = car.model;

you can use destructuring object and write it in a simpler way:

const { type, model } = car;

It is called object destructuring. It’s a JavaScript expression that allows us to extract data from arrays, objects, maps and sets. Please refer to link below for more details.



It is part of ECMASCRIPT 2015 (ES6). Basically, Destructuring assignment is a special syntax that allows us to “unpack” arrays or objects into a bunch of variables, as sometimes they are more convenient. Destructuring also works great with complex functions that have a lot of parameters, default values etc. For Futher information about destructing assignments or es6 features this link helps alot

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