How should I write a query for Firestore when I know that the number of document references returned will be only 1?

const query = firebase.firestore().collection('Users').where('mobile', '==', '<some mobile number>').limit(1);

To get the document from this query, I'm using the forEach loop. Is there any way to get the document and its data without using the loop?

let docId;

query.get().then((snapShot) => {
    snapShot.forEach((doc) => {
        docId =;
    if(docId) {
        // doc exists
        // do something with the data...
}).catch((error) => console.log(error.message));
  • Can't you handle the data inside the forEach loop? Is snapShot an array at that time? – Icepickle Mar 15 at 10:56
  • @Icepickle. That's what I'm not sure of. Even if the thing I query is unique, I have to use the forEach loop which I don't want to for a single document reference. – Utkarsh Mar 15 at 11:18

You can just access the first element with snapShot[0]. The forEach function just iterates through every element in the snapShot array.

  • The Array.isArray(snapShot) returns false. It's not an array. I'm not sure why. – Utkarsh Mar 15 at 11:19
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OK. I figured it out.

The .docs() method can be used on the snapShot object to get an array of all the documents refs matching the query.

So, if I only have a single document, I can simply access it as follows:

query.get().then((snapShot) => {

    const doc =[0];

    const docId =;
    const docData =;
    // so stuff here...

}).catch((error) => console.log(error.message));

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