How to find in the text file using Vim how many times specific word repeats.

For example, I want to see how many times word "name" repeats in the code:

"collection": "animals",
    "fields": [
        "field": "id",
        "name": ""
        "field": "age",
        "name": ""
        "field": "origin",
        "name": ""

Result - 3

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You can count the number of matches using the n flag in the substitute command. Use the following to show number of times that some-word matches text in current buffer:


You can read all the details on the vim tips wiki

  • for read-only buffers one has to do the extra step of :set modifiable
    – minusf
    Feb 9, 2022 at 5:49

Nowadays (as of Vim 8.1.1270) you can use:

set shortmess-=S

to enable a count of [x/y] showing in the bottom right corner every time you do a / or ? search.

native search count

Relevant section from the Vim help

Note that if the search finds more than 99 results, Vim unfortunately just shows [x/>99]:

native search count over 99

For this reason, I personally use the google/vim-searchindex plugin, which works for any amount of results:

vim-search-index search count

(By default the plugin is limited to files with “only” less than one million lines; this can be adjusted with let g:searchindex_line_limit=2000000.)


Use the following commands.

  1. Multiple matches per line

g stands for global, it will match multiple occurrences per line.

Outputs are shown as

13 matches on 10 lines
  1. Line matches

Outputs are shown as

10 matches on 10 lines

I have a count word function that you cand use in a number of ways

fun! CountWordFunction()
        let l:win_view = winsaveview()
        exec "%s/" . expand("<cword>") . "//gn"
        call winrestview(l:win_view)
command! -nargs=0 CountWord :call CountWordFunction()

So, you can map it:

nnoremap <F3> :CountWord<CR>

Even mouse double click...

" When double click a word vim will hightlight all other ocurences
" see CountWordFunction()
" [I shows lines with word under the cursor
nnoremap <silent> <2-LeftMouse> :let @/='\V\<'.escape(expand('<cword>'), '\').'\>'<cr>:set hls<cr>:CountWord<cr>
nnoremap <Leader>* :let @/='\V\<'.escape(expand('<cword>'), '\').'\>'<cr>:set hls<cr>:CountWord<cr>

My SearchPosition plugin would print the following output (with the cursor on the first match, and the <A-m> mapping or :SearchPosition name command):

On sole match in this line, 2 in following lines within 5,13 for /\<name\>/

It builds on the other solutions given here, and was expressly written for obtaining such statistics easily.

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