I've been experimenting with Google Colab to work on Python notebooks with team members. However, the VMs that Colab runs on appear to only have ~13GB of RAM. The datasets we're working with require more (64 GB of RAM would be sufficient).

Is there a way to increase the RAM available to Colab notebooks? Like by integrating with other services in the Google Cloud Platform?


Not at the moment, unfortunately.


Unfortunately, neither a Swap file is possible to create (the jupyter notebook don't have this kind of permission).


Now it is possible to have 25 GBs ram on colab. After crashing the season then colab asks you to activate high-ram.

enter image description here


You can edit (add or remove) ram or vcpu by powering off your instance.

google cloud edit image

  • This is not relevant, as Colab VM is provided externally. – Riccardo Apr 13 at 9:26

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