I have two methods for mapping entity to domain.

RDomain entityToDomain(REntity rEntity)

this method ignores some of the fields in the domain.
RDomain entityToDomainLight(REntity rEntity)

I'm getting Ambiguous mapping methods found for mapping collection element when I try to define mapping method for List of entities to domains.

List<RDomain> entitiesToDomains(List<REntity> rEntities)

Is there a way to define which method to use for mapping collection of objects


As @Filip suggested, it is better to do something like that :

RDomain entityToDomain(REntity rEntity)

@Named(value = "useMe")
RDomain entityToDomainLight(REntity rEntity)

@IterableMapping(qualifiedByName = "useMe")
List<RDomain> entitiesToDomains(List<REntity> rEntities)

As far as I understand Mapstruct, there is no wo to tell a mapper

List<RDomain> entitiesToDomains(List<REntity> rEntities)

which of your to mapping methods it should use. But you can implement entitiesToDomains as a Java 8 default method on your mapper interface.

default List<RDomain> entitiesToDomains(List<REntity> rEntities) {

    List<RDomain> domains = new ArrayList<>();

    for(REntity r : rEntities) {
       //delegate to your dedicated mapper

    return domains;

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    You can actually achieve that by using IterableMapping#qualifiedByName or IterableMapping#quelifiedBy. It is in the documentation, but not that exposed :) – Filip Mar 18 '18 at 21:10
  • Cool. I did not know that. Going to update by answer – saw303 Mar 19 '18 at 5:24
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    Of course you would need to put a qualifier (MapStruct one) on the entity mapper methods – Filip Mar 19 '18 at 6:05

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