I am running Kubernetes (Minikube) on my local Mac.

I am trying to setup a deployment with Docker image and getting the below error. But, the hello-world deployment with the Docker image "gcr.io/google-samples/node-hello:1.0" works as expected.

I am able to pull the image from a console on my local machine. Am I missing any setting here?

"Failed to pull image "docker.XYZ.com/dpace/dev/docker-service": rpc error: code = Unknown desc = Error response from daemon: Get https:/docker.XYZ.com/v2/: dial tcp: lookup docker.XYZ.com on read udp> i/o timeout"

I am able to pull the image using docker pull docker.XYZ.com/dpace/dev/docker-service in my local machine without any auth issue. It doesn't need auth for pulling images.

I tried logging into Minikube VM and Docker images returns the following.

$ docker images REPOSITORY TAG
IMAGE ID CREATED SIZE k8s.gcr.io/kubernetes-dashboard-amd64 v1.8.1
e94d2f21bc0c 3 months ago 121MB gcr.io/google-containers/kube-addon-manager v6.5
d166ffa9201a 4 months ago 79.5MB gcr.io/k8s-minikube/storage-provisioner v1.8.0
4689081edb10 4 months ago 80.8MB gcr.io/k8s-minikube/storage-provisioner v1.8.1
4689081edb10 4 months ago 80.8MB k8s.gcr.io/k8s-dns-sidecar-amd64 1.14.5
fed89e8b4248 5 months ago 41.8MB k8s.gcr.io/k8s-dns-kube-dns-amd64 1.14.5
512cd7425a73 5 months ago 49.4MB k8s.gcr.io/k8s-dns-dnsmasq-nanny-amd64 1.14.5
459944ce8cc4 5 months ago 41.4MB k8s.gcr.io/echoserver
1.4 a90209bb39e3 21 months ago 140MB gcr.io/google_containers/pause-amd64 3.0
99e59f495ffa 22 months ago 747kB k8s.gcr.io/pause-amd64
3.0 99e59f495ffa 22 months ago 747kB gcr.io/google-samples/node-hello 1.0
4c7ea8709739 23 months ago 644MB

Though the images are there, when I try to pull the existing image, it fails with the below error.

$ docker pull gcr.io/google-samples/node-hello:1.0 Error response from daemon: Get https://gcr.io/v2/: dial tcp: lookup gcr.io on read udp> i/o timeout

When I try "docker login docker.XYZ.com", it prompts me to enter the credential. It throws the below error after entering the password. Same error while trying to pull the image also.

"Error response from daemon: Get https://docker.XYZ.com/v2/: dial tcp: lookup docker.XYZ.com on read udp> i/o timeout"

The command "curl google.com" also not working. "Could not resolve host: google.com"

Any setting to be done inside Minikube VM. I use VirtualBox.

  • Does this question help?
    – Pace
    Commented Mar 15, 2018 at 20:41
  • You're likely missing the required authentication/docker login credentials to pull that image. Double check if the image you're trying use is public. Then check that the registry you're trying to hit is accessible from inside the minkube virtual machine.
    – ffledgling
    Commented Mar 15, 2018 at 20:50

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Looks like DNS in your minikube is broken, that's why you cannot pull anything.

Here is an Issue on Github with the similar problem.

Try to update your minikube and your hypervisor (in most of cases it is Virtualbox) to the last version (check here) and recreate a cluster, it should help.

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