I have rows in my MYSQL and I Need Sequelize.js query.

Every row have col of type JSON what include this for example:

  {id: 1234, blah: "test"},
  {id: 3210, blah: "test"},
  {id: 5897, blah: "test"}

I have id and I need to select row what include this id in at least one object in array.


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Raw mysql query will be like this:

SELECT * FROM `user` WHERE JSON_CONTAINS(`comments`, '{"id": 1234}');

Simple sequelize example:

const { fn, col, cast } = this.sequelize;

const User = this.sequelize.define('user', {  
  id: {
    type: Sequelize.INTEGER,
    primaryKey: true,
    autoIncrement: true
  comments: DataTypes.JSON,
  defaultValue: [],

  where: fn('JSON_CONTAINS', col('comments'), cast('{"id": 1234}', 'CHAR CHARACTER SET utf8')),
.then(users => console.log('result', users.map(u => u.get())))
.catch(err => console.log('error', err));

Cast function is used to unescape double quotes around "id" to avoid wrong query string like this:

SELECT * FROM `user` WHERE JSON_CONTAINS(`comments`, '{\"id\": 1234}');

There is one more dirty mysql query example (don't use it):

SELECT * FROM `user` WHERE `comments` LIKE '%"id": 1234%';
  • How Can I use OR condition also with JSON_CONTAINS? Query is like SELECT * FROM projects WHERE JSON_CONTAINS(stackholders, 2) OR owner = 1 Feb 18, 2021 at 11:28

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