Rails 2.3 has an option to add more routes anytime using RouteSet#add_configuration_file.

Is it possible to do the same in a Rails 3 project?

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in config/application.rb:

config.paths.config.routes << File.join(Rails.root, "config/routes/route_file.rb")

In Rails 3.2 (possibly also Rails 3.1), use:

config.paths["config/routes"] << Rails.root.join('config/routes/route_file.rb')


To complete Joe Van Dyk's answer, to load all the files the the config/routes directory, you must do (in Rails 3.2) :

    config.paths["config/routes"] += Dir[Rails.root.join('config', 'routes', '*.rb').to_s]

This method is supported in Rails 3. http://apidock.com/rails/ActionController/Routing/RouteSet/add_configuration_file

Code example is, for example, here: http://sudomasochism.com/post/62151402/rails-2-3-0-and-routeset-add-configuration-file

  • Unfortunately it doesn't work for Rails3. Both the apidock and the example points to Rails 2.3.
    – Amitava
    Feb 8, 2011 at 18:35

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