I'm writing python script to run ansible playbook, using Ansible
As I know there is an option "--limit", which can limit the ansible play on a specific host.

For example:
Here is the /etc/ansible/hosts

Below cmd will let ansible only execute test.yml on
ansible-playbook test.yml --limit=""

I want to know how to set options in ansible playbook api to do the same thing.
I tried add "limit='" in options, but it doesn't work.

Below is the python script I used.

from collections import namedtuple  
from ansible.parsing.dataloader import DataLoader  
from ansible.vars.manager import VariableManager  
from ansible.inventory.manager import InventoryManager  
from ansible.executor.playbook_executor import PlaybookExecutor  

loader = DataLoader()  
inventory = InventoryManager(loader=loader, sources=['/etc/ansible/hosts'])  
variable_manager = VariableManager(loader=loader, inventory=inventory)  

Options = namedtuple('Options', ['listtags', 'listtasks', 'listhosts', 'syntax', 'connection','module_path', 'forks', 'remote_user', 'become', 'become_method', 'become_user', 'verbosity', 'check', 'diff', 'ask_sudo_pass', 'limit'])  

options = Options(listtags=None, listtasks=None, listhosts=None, syntax=None, connection='smart', module_path=None, forks=100, remote_user=None,  become=None, become_method='sudo', become_user='root', verbosity=None, check=False, diff=False, ask_sudo_pass=None, limit='')  

passwords = {}

pbex = PlaybookExecutor(playbooks=['/home/test.yml'], inventory=inventory, variable_manager=variable_manager, loader=loader, options=options, passwords=passwords)  


Ansible is opensourced, so you can always peek into the existing code.

It's here in ansible-playbook CLI:

    if len(inventory.list_hosts()) == 0 and no_hosts is False:
        # Invalid limit
        raise AnsibleError("Specified --limit does not match any hosts")

In your case: inventory.subset('')

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  • Thank you very much. It woks. – duskcrow Mar 16 '18 at 8:05
  • Worked for me as well. @duskcrow: You should mark this as the accepted answer so that it can help others as well. – grizzthedj Nov 13 '18 at 0:56

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