1. I am writing automation test case in java using selenium and TestNG.
  2. I want to generate extent report using selenium and I wrote some code by referring the websites.
  3. I don't get any errors, While running my automation test cases, But extent report is not get generated.

Sample code for Extent Report Generation:

    private void setup() throws Exception {
        ExtentHtmlReporter htmlReporter = new ExtentHtmlReporter(REPORTS_PATH + "/" + file_Prefix + "_extent.html");
        extent = new ExtentReports();
        extent.setSystemInfo("Host Name", "SoftwareTestingMaterial");
        extent.setSystemInfo("Environment", "Automation Testing");

        htmlReporter.config().setDocumentTitle("Find Duplicates By Calculating Distance Between Lat/Long");
        htmlReporter.config().setReportName("Automation Report");

Sample code for GetResult Method and End Report Method:

public void getResult(ITestResult result) {
    if (result.getStatus() == ITestResult.FAILURE) {
        // logger.log(Status.FAIL, "Test Case Failed is "+result.getTestName());
        // MarkupHelper is used to display the output in different colors
                MarkupHelper.createLabel(result.getTestName() + " - Test Case Failed", ExtentColor.RED));
                MarkupHelper.createLabel(result.getThrowable() + " - Test Case Failed", ExtentColor.RED));

public void endReport() {
    File duplicate_File = new File(REPORTS_PATH + "/" + file_Prefix + "_duplicates.csv");
    try {
        FileUtils.writeLines(duplicate_File, duplicate_Pois, false);
    } catch (IOException e) {
        LOG.error("Error writing to file " + e.getMessage());
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    Where's your extent.createTest()? I've added the extent and extentreports tags to this question so it gets included in those relevant groups. – Bill Hileman Mar 16 '18 at 14:31
  • Selenium has no way of generating any reports. Perhaps you meant: "...generate extent report using java..."? – SiKing Mar 16 '18 at 17:36
  • I browsed lot and the above one is the best solution – selvi Mar 19 '18 at 4:13
  • @BillHileman, I missed the createTest() method, I am able to create report successfully. Thanks – selvi Mar 19 '18 at 4:46

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