I'm trying to read a downloaded html-file

my $file = "sn.html";
my $in_fh = open $file, :r;
my $text = $in_fh.slurp;

and I get the following error message:

Malformed UTF-8
  in block <unit> at prog.p6 line 10

How to avoid this and get access to the file's contents?

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    If the file does not contain UTF-8 and you do not know its encoding, you could try read the file as binary using the read method. On the other hand, if you know the encoding of the file, for example latin1, you could try pass the encoding to open using its :enc flag. – Håkon Hægland Mar 16 '18 at 12:25

If you do not specify an encoding when opening a file, it will assume utf8. Apparently, the file that you wish to open, contains bytes that cannot be interpreted as UTF-8. Hence the error message.

Depending on what you want to do with the file contents, you could either set the :bin named parameter, to have the file opened in binary mode. Or you could use the special utf8-c8 encoding, which will assume UTF-8 until it encounters bytes it cannot encode: in that case it will generate temporary code points.

See https://docs.perl6.org/language/unicode#UTF8-C8 for more information.


For slurp, if you have some idea about encoding, you can also add encoding specifically.

From documentation (https://docs.perl6.org/routine/slurp):

my $text_contents   = slurp "path/to/file", enc => "latin1";

I used it today for a stupid file encoded in ISO-8859-1.

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