I’ve been trying to query XML with the sxd-xpath crate and I can’t seem to figure out how to handle a nodeset.

Crate and using

extern crate sxd_document;
extern crate sxd_xpath;

use sxd_document::parser;
use sxd_xpath::{Factory, Context, Value};

Actual code

let package = parser::parse("<feed><title>hest</title><title>hest2</title><title>hest3</title><title>hest4</title></feed>").expect("failed to parse XML");
let document = package.as_document();

let factory = Factory::new();
let xpath = factory.build("/feed/title").expect("Could not compile XPath");
let xpath = xpath.expect("No XPath was compiled");

let context = Context::new();

let value = xpath.evaluate(&context, document.root()).expect("XPath evaluation failed");

I would like to iterate over every node and print out the value of <title>, but I do not understand how to do it.

I’m fairly new in the Rust world, coming from C# and Python.


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XPath::evaluate returns a Value:

fn evaluate<'d, N>(
    context: &Context<'d>,
    node: N,
) -> Result<Value<'d>, ExecutionError>
    N: Into<Node<'d>>,

A Value is an enumeration of the possible values of an XPath (a number, a boolean, a string, or a nodeset). In your case, you are interested in a nodeset, so you will want to match on that variant:

if let Value::Nodeset(nodes) = value {
    // ...

Nodeset implements IntoIterator, so you can use it in a for loop:

for node in nodes {
    // ...

Each yielded value will be a Node. This is an enumeration of all the different types of nodes in an XML document. You are interested in Elements. If all you care about is the string value of the element, you can use Node::string_value. This hides away any complexities of multiple child nodes each with their own text:

println!("{}", node.string_value());

Put all together:

if let Value::Nodeset(nodes) = value {
    for node in nodes {
        println!("{}", node.string_value());

A Nodeset doesn't have a guaranteed order, so if you want the nodes in the order that they come from in the document, you can call Nodeset::document_order:

if let Value::Nodeset(nodes) = value {
    for node in nodes.document_order() {
        println!("{}", node.string_value());

Disclaimer: I am the author of SXD-Document and SXD-XPath

  • That helped and thanks for the elaborated answer. Nice touch with doucment_order, but the order of elements in my case is less important.
    – memborg
    Mar 18, 2018 at 8:43

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