I am dealing with some image recognition program. I read all data to a char buffer. The image contains hex data so I read byte by byte to my buffer and I'm dealing with them later on.

My problem is: how to convert and get data from a char(1 byte) that contains read hex data and make it 2 sized char arrays?

Example: 8c -> read into character contains -116. I cant seem to find any way to make it char array[0] ='8' and array[1]='c'

 if(buffer[4] < 10 && buffer[4] >= 0) {
            buyut1[0] = '0';
            buyut1[1] = buffer[4];
            sprintf(offSet, "%s", buyut1);
            sprintf(offSet, "%x", buffer[4]);
        if(buffer[5] < 10 && buffer[5] >= 0) {
            buyut2[0] = '0';
            buyut2[1] = buffer[5];


I can convert something that is like 6c which contains a positive number in a signed form I think. Or something like 03 which begins with a 0.

But 8c, for example, has -116 and is not working with my function.

  • when writing a string in C, "%s""%s" just means a string "%s" followed by a string "%s", which will be concatenated by the compiler to %s%". Use "\"%s\"" to put quotes inside a string. – Paul Ogilvie Mar 17 at 9:41
  • 1
    Possible duplicate of How do you convert a byte array to a hexadecimal string in C?. Or this, or this. – Groo Mar 17 at 9:42
  • If buffer already contains the hex representation of the data, i.e. buffer[4] is '8', then the value of this byte is between '0' and '9', not 0 and 9. Which means you simply need to print buffer directly. The statement "char(1 byte) contains read hex data" doesn't make sense - either it contains bytes, or it already contains the hexadecimal representation of the data in ascii form. There is no such thing as "hex data". – Groo Mar 17 at 9:49
  • I dont need to print buffer or something . I need 8c as 8 and c seperetely so i can manipulate data – itsfreeandtakesminute Mar 17 at 9:56
  • @Groo buffer contains 8c as char which shows -116 i need something to make it 8 in array(0) c in array(1) – itsfreeandtakesminute Mar 17 at 10:05
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Specify to the sprintf() function that you want output of hexa value of two characters, and cast input buffer[4] to unsigned char:

sprintf( offSet, "%02x", (unsigned char)buffer[4]);
  • Thank god , i love you man this is what i was precisely looking for – itsfreeandtakesminute Mar 17 at 12:22

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