I can't solve this problem. I have preference screen and there is sub-preference that opens up another screen. On that another screen change of items can be caught with OnSharedPreferenceChangeListener and I change summary in parent preference screen, but when I go back to that parent preference screen, summary did not changed.

Same question was asked here, but conclusion was not clear, and I could not solve this problem. It seems a common problem to me and I guess there is good solution for this.

Dose anyone know a solution for this problem?

  • There is one thing I like to keep: sub-preference is standard one, not custom.

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I've solved this by adding OnPreferenceClickListener to the preferences which will change the summary in the main screen.

OnPreferenceClickListener viewUpdater = new OnPreferenceClickListener() {
        public boolean onPreferenceClick(Preference preference) {
            return  false;

Within the updateView() method I'm setting the summary to a new value and then I'm using the invalidateViews method of the preferences listview to trigger an update of the displayed summary

private void updateView() {

Check the answer of @jmbouffard that's work for me

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