I'm trying to understand how exception handlers work on windows executables and I came across the following :

 push ExceptionHandler
 mov eax, dword ptr fs:[00000000h]
 push eax
 mov dword ptr fs:[0], esp

Now I know that this is basically adding a new EH to the current thread's execption-handler list (which AFAIR is a linked list), my question is: aren't we missing something here? Isn't this overwriting the previous linked-list with the remaining EHs? How exactly can I properly add a new EH to exception-handler list?

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    fs:[0] only stores a pointer to the head of the linked-list. The PUSH preserves it before the MOV overwrites it. The nodes in the linked list thus have two fields, a pointer to the exception handler and a pointer to the previous node. This style is outmoded btw, it is vulnerable to malware overwriting a node with a buffer overflow. Replaced by SAFESEH. – Hans Passant Mar 18 '18 at 7:55

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