I have recently moved to Visual Studio Code and have a question that I have found an answer for.

When I split the editor it shows the focused file on both sides of the split.

I want the focused file to be moved with the split rather than showing a duplicate view.

Is there a setting or an extension that I can use to do this split / move?


Try the Move Editor into next Group command:

  "key": "ctrl+cmd+right",
  "command": "workbench.action.moveEditorToNextGroup"
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    That's not the same thing. If I have two groups already, and I'm on the left-hand group and do that, it'll move the editor into the right-hand group, whereas what I want — and what the question asks for — is creating a new split (so I would now have three) and moving the editor there. It's a third thing, distinct from "split and duplicate" and "move to next group". IntelliJ presents this action as "split and move {right,down}".
    – gimboland
    Jan 24 '20 at 13:53
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    On my machine, if I have three open tabs and use the ctrl-alt-right combination, then one of two things happen. The first time, a new split is created and the active tab is moved to the newly created group. If I then select a tab from the previous group and press ctrl-alt-right it will be moved to the previously created group. Pressing ctrl-alt-right once more will create yet another group and move the tab to this new group, leaving me with three distinct groups, each containing one of the original three tabs. I would say this is more or less what you are talking about, @gimboland Jun 30 '20 at 10:58
  • I agree that these are not the same thing, however, this solves the issue for me. THANKS! it's WIN + ALT + RIGHT for windows Apr 12 at 7:06

on mac default shortcut is:

control+command+ -> or <- arrow ;-)


Personally, i always used ctrl+enter combination to open the next file in the side editor. So far, it is the most recommended way that I always use.


on Windows, vscode v1.59.0

To move file to right side
click on file to focus:
ctrl+alt+right arrow

To move file to left side
click on file to focus:
ctrl+alt+left arrow

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