I'm trying to create a clustered bar chart showing the counts for five different levels of a Likert scale question "Q1" (1 = Strongly Agree; 2 = Agree; 3 = Neutral; 4 = Disagree; 5 = Strongly Disagree) for each of 5 different levels of the independent variable "agencies" (clinic_3, clinic_4, clinic_5, clinic_6, clinic_7) + a sixth level "total".

While I was able to use the Chart Builder to show the counts for the 5 levels of the dependent variable "Q1" expressed as bars for each level of the independent variable "agencies" along the x-axis (Please see this image), I wasn't able to use the recode into different variables" function in SPSS to create an additional level of the "agencies" variable called "total".

I wanted "total" to show the counts for the 5 different levels of the dependent variable "Q1" across all of the 5 levels of the variable "agencies". Please see this screen-shot of the "recode-into-different-variables" screen for the options/code I used re-code the new variable (enter image description here. But, the following clustered bar chart using that new recoded variable showed no bars for that final "total" level of the "agencies" variable along the x-axis (image here).

Can someone please offer guidance on how I can effectively show the additional level "total" as described above on the x-axis of a clustered bar chart?

Thank you in advance.

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    Your recode command is trying to put two values into the target variable. e.g. if the original value is 4, the command tries to put both 4 and 8 in the target variable. That's not possible, of course, and only one (the first) value is accepted. – eli-k Mar 22 at 18:33

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