In React given a prop that provides true/false how would one conditionally add readOnly to an input field in JSX?

So if I had this.props.boolean whats a terse option for adding readOnly when this.props.boolean == false readOnly isn't attached, when this.props.boolean == true readOnly is attached.

<input readOnly={this.props.boolean} />
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    This won't work as the value for the readonly attribute has to be "readonly" and not true or false. see this – Hershi May 8 '20 at 12:57
  • This worked just fine. – mrfevrier Jan 20 at 23:52

This is ugly but it works:

{props.readonly ?
    <input placeholder="Can't edit here" readOnly />
    <input placeholder="edit here..."/>

Make the two controls custom to avoid duplicating as much as possible...

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