I am developing an application which is used by multiple clients and the main goal of the app is to be used online. But a specific requirement is, it should be able to work offline too (only for a single client(s) in an emergency situation and for short time - 24 hours maximum). now I am using Django REST framework for backend and Jquery/AJAX frontend for GET and PUT etc. requests which update PostgreSQL DB on the backend. Now little research on the internet suggests the I should use PouchDB on the frontend and/or CouchDB on the backend. But my questions are:

  1. Is it really possible?
  2. If yes, then which DB should be used for the backend database?
  3. When the offline client become available online, how we can synchronize the data generated online?
  4. Can we cache some data on clients machine for offline availability purpose?
  5. Is it still possible to use PostgreSQL for the backend? (I really want to use it !)

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