I am trying to create an electron desktop app with angular as frontend and .net as backend. I created a sample angular project in .netcore 2.0 from VS 2017 and followed the steps mentioned here

I'm having issues with dotnet electronize init command. It's giving below error :

No executable found matching command "dotnet-electronize"

Can someone please let me know if I'm missing anything. Also if there is any boilerplate code which I can refer to would be really helpful.

  • Would you use dotnet restore and check it out this issue: github.com/ElectronNET/Electron.NET/issues/28 – Juan de Dios Mar 19 '18 at 13:10
  • Thanks, that worked. I was using powershell which seems to have some issues. – kkakroo Mar 20 '18 at 5:21
  • 0 was anyone able to get the desktop application with .net, angular and electron working? I was able to create a demo app with .net core, angular and electron but that is not what I want as I have certain libraries written in c# using .net framework and not core so certain classes like DNSEndpoint does not exists in .net core which I used in .net. Would appreciate if someone could help. – Nick Jul 1 '19 at 22:55

I was using powershell which has some unexpected behavior.Check here for more details.

  • bro, were you able to run electron with dot core as backend and angular as frontend? – Dronacharya Aug 24 '18 at 17:38
  • 1
    @Dronacharya, yes. github.com/ElectronNET/Electron.NET will help you set it up. – kkakroo Aug 25 '18 at 20:39
  • Yeah. I followed it but couldn't accomplish the goal. Do you have the starter for DotNet Core and Angular with Electron? – Dronacharya Aug 25 '18 at 20:40
  • i looked for it bro, couldn't find it :( – kkakroo Aug 27 '18 at 4:48

Angular SPA with Dotnet Core and ElectronNet API

  1. Open VS 2017 with Administrator mode

  2. Create Asp.Net core Web Application with Angular template

  3. Install the ElectronNET.CLI using following command "dotnet tool install ElectronNET.CLI -g"

  4. Goto project folder and open cmd

  5. Execute the following command "electronize init", it will create electron-manifest.json file in project folder

  6. Right click on dependencies, goto Nuget package manager and install ElectronNET.API

  7. Add ElectronBootstrap() method in Startup.cs

      public async void ElectronBootstrap()
      BrowserWindowOptions options = new BrowserWindowOptions
          Show = false
      BrowserWindow mainWindow = await Electron.WindowManager.CreateWindowAsync();
      mainWindow.OnReadyToShow += () =>
      mainWindow.SetTitle("App Name here");
      MenuItem[] menu = new MenuItem[]
          new MenuItem
              Label = "File",
              Submenu=new MenuItem[]
                  new MenuItem
                      Label ="Exit",
                      Click =()=>{Electron.App.Exit();}
          new MenuItem
              Label = "Info",
              Click = async ()=>
                  await Electron.Dialog.ShowMessageBoxAsync("Welcome to App");
  8. Call that method from Configure() in Startup.cs

    public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app, IHostingEnvironment env) { ... ElectronBootstrap(); }

  9. Add UseElectron(args) in Program.cs

    public static IWebHostBuilder CreateWebHostBuilder(string[] args) { return WebHost.CreateDefaultBuilder(args) .UseStartup() .UseElectron(args); }

  10. Build the project

  11. Goto project folder, open cmd and execute the following command "electronize start", it will open the desktop application. First time it will take time.

  12. Production build for windows: electronize build /target win

Got it from here: https://github.com/rajeshsuramalla/AngularWithDotNetCoreElectronNET

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