In PostgreSQL using only public schema, data in tables that use in check constraints functions that invoke other functions does not get imported with pg_restore after it was dumped with pg_dump. But if functions in check constraints do not invoke other functions, data is correctly imported.

I have noted this behavior after minor upgrading from 9.3.22 to 9.3.23 and from 9.4.16 to 9.4.17; in 9.3.22 and 9.4.17 it worked fine.

I understand is due to changes in search_path:

Avoid use of insecure search_path settings in pg_dump and other client programs (Noah Misch, Tom Lane)

pg_dump, pg_upgrade, vacuumdb and other PostgreSQL-provided applications were themselves vulnerable to the type of hijacking described in the previous changelog entry; since these applications are commonly run by superusers, they present particularly attractive targets. To make them secure whether or not the installation as a whole has been secured, modify them to include only the pg_catalog schema in their search_path settings. Autovacuum worker processes now do the same, as well.

In cases where user-provided functions are indirectly executed by these programs — for example, user-provided functions in index expressions — the tighter search_path may result in errors, which will need to be corrected by adjusting those user-provided functions to not assume anything about what search path they are invoked under. That has always been good practice, but now it will be necessary for correct behavior. (CVE-2018-1058 or CVE-2018-1058)

Still it's unclear to me why having one level public functions is allowed but it is not those functions to invoke other ones.

For example, having this structure and data:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION is_even(n integer) RETURNS boolean AS $BODY$ 
  return n%2 = 0;  
END ; $BODY$  LANGUAGE plpgsql;

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION is_even_positive(n integer) RETURNS boolean AS $BODY$ 
  return is_even(n) and n > 0;  
END ; $BODY$  LANGUAGE plpgsql;

CREATE TABLE test_check (
  n integer
  CONSTRAINT even_chk CHECK (is_even(n)));

CREATE TABLE test_check2(
  n integer
  CONSTRAINT even_positive_chk CHECK (is_even_positive(n)));

insert into test_check values (2);
insert into test_check values (-2);
insert into test_check2 values (2);

Exporting it with:

pg_dump -h localhost -p 5432  -F c -b -v -f test.dmp test -U test

And importing it in a new database:

$ pg_restore -d test2 -U test -v test.dmp -h localhost
pg_restore: connecting to database for restore
pg_restore: creating SCHEMA "public"
pg_restore: creating COMMENT "SCHEMA public"
pg_restore: creating EXTENSION "plpgsql"
pg_restore: creating COMMENT "EXTENSION plpgsql"
pg_restore: creating FUNCTION "public.is_even(integer)"
pg_restore: creating FUNCTION "public.is_even_positive(integer)"
pg_restore: creating TABLE "public.test_check"
pg_restore: creating TABLE "public.test_check2"
pg_restore: processing data for table "public.test_check"
pg_restore: processing data for table "public.test_check2"
pg_restore: [archiver (db)] Error while PROCESSING TOC:
pg_restore: [archiver (db)] Error from TOC entry 2035; 0 7784774 TABLE DATA test_check2 tad
pg_restore: [archiver (db)] COPY failed for table "test_check2": ERROR:  function is_even(integer) does not exist
LINE 1: SELECT is_even(n) and n > 0
HINT:  No function matches the given name and argument types. You might need to add explicit type casts.
QUERY:  SELECT is_even(n) and n > 0
CONTEXT:  PL/pgSQL function public.is_even_positive(integer) line 3 at RETURN
COPY test_check2, line 1: "2"
pg_restore: creating ACL "SCHEMA public"
WARNING: errors ignored on restore: 1

Note test_check table gets correctly imported with data whereas test_check2 fails.


The solution is to explicitly set a search_path for the functions.

Then it won't matter that pg_restore sets search_path = pg_catalog, bacause it will be overridden by the function's setting.

This will also protect the functions from inadvertedly picking up functions and operators from a different schema that happens to be set in the calling session (which is the security problem the change is trying to fix).

ALTER FUNCTION is_even_(integer) SET search_path=public;
ALTER FUNCTION is_even_positive(integer) SET search_path=public;

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