I have an angular 1 app. Every time I run

npm run build

I also want to start a gradle task. Can I automatize that somehow?

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Of course you can, the command npm run build run the script defined in you package.json file.

It looks like this :

"scripts": {
    "build": "myAwesomeCommand; gradle myTask"   

You can change the command executed by npm run build. If your command is too long or if you need a script, you can also create a shell script in your current directory and execute it.


The idea of using Gradle is that it automates the commands. Thus, you can use some construction of that type (in your build.gradle file):

task someGradleTask {
 // ... Do something

task someNpmTask(type: NpmTask) {
  args = ['run', 'build']

And then make one of the tasks dependant on the other:

// Moreover
someNpmTask.dependsOn(npm_install) // This task comes with the plugin below

You will need an NPM plugin for Gradle, which may be included like this:

buildscript {
    dependencies {
    classpath "com.moowork.gradle:gradle-node-plugin:1.2.0"

apply plugin: 'com.moowork.node'

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