I'm trying to switch my local Pycharm + Django to docker based dev env. I run on mac and use Docker-Compose (few dockers: my django app, some db and nginx).

All runs fine, code change immediately reflected in docker and correct packages available while coding in Pycharm. Once docker-compose started, a list of running containers is shown in Pycharm's docker plugin window, for each container i can see its log/properties/port/volume bindings.

Interpreter seems to be configured properly with Docker Compose(app at [{my path}/docker-compose.yaml]) as project interpreter and path mapping for ->/code to the correct folder in docker.

The problem is I don't manage to debug it. When i select Docker-Compose in debug dialog the only option available is Run, not Debug.

It doesn't look to me as Docker/Compose issue, but Pycharm plugin which doesn't let to run in debug with docker-compose run/debug configuration.

Any idea how to debug it with Pycharm?


You are supposed to use standard Python run configuration, no the Docker-specific one. The latter is used to build containers, start docker-compose services and so on.

PyCharm will auto-start your services, mount your code and execute it inside a container with pure Python Run Configuration if a Docker-based interpreter is selected.

Perhaps the docs can help: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/pycharm/using-docker-compose-as-a-remote-interpreter.html


There is currently a problem running dockerized django with an entry point, so to give an idea of the problem if someone else lands here with that! if you are facing this problem create a different docker-compose.dev.yml file just for debugging without an entry point. This is the work around for now

  • Could you elaborate what you mean by disabling entry point. My follow up question is how do I execute the program without the entry point? Thanks – slopeofhope Feb 22 at 13:27
  • by using a command instead, so basically the workaround is to have a dev docker-compose.yml with a command that runs, no entrypoint.sh I mean – Omar S. Mar 5 at 12:20

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