I use the community edition of Cassandra (not DSE). Earlier I used to use a tool called descanter. when I click "clone" in descanter on an existing table. it used to give me the CQL necessary to re-create the existing table.

Now on my new MacOS (High Sierra) the devcenter tool is broken. I searched on the forums and found that DataStax has no intention of maintaining the tool.

So I am now using the command line CQLSH. Now in CQLSH if I have an existing table. How to generate the query to clone an existing table?

I only need the table structure. I don't need any data.

I cannot physically login to the Cassandra server. So everything needs to be done by connecting to Cassandra remotely using CQLSH.

  • You can look to new version of DataStax Studio 6.0 that is available as part of EAP (Early Access Program) & that has support for CQL inside: academy.datastax.com/eap – Alex Ott Mar 20 '18 at 15:39

DESCRIBE command should help you

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